4 Tips To Decorate Your Home Like A Pro

4 Tips To Decorate Your Home Like A Pro

Unique home decor and trinkets are what make your house a home. They give your home character and style. But placement it is key. It's what differentiates clutter from a tasteful display. Learn to decorate like an interior designer with the tips and tricks below!

Use a color scheme

This will make your entire room look more put together. Choose up to three main colors to work with. Don't worry, you can always complement with neutral shades like white and black so you don't feel too restricted. Having a color scheme will also make future shopping easier as you will know exactly what to look for.

Have a variety of textures/materials/sizes

Working with different textures and materials adds visual interest and depth. Think of a couch with cushions: all matching textures and sizes looks flat and dull, while a couch with pillows of different textures and sizes looks way more interesting. Try and balance the textures as much as possible. Let's go back to that couch. Maybe you'll have two large, square cushions in a smooth woven fabric, and two smaller medium-sized velvet cushions to contrast. This rule applies for trinkets on a surface as well. For example, a kitchen counter with a glass fruit bowl, wooden cutting boards, and ceramic jars for utensils.

Stick to a pyramid formation when it comes to trinkets

This tends to be the most aesthetically pleasing for the eyes. All you have to do is place the tallest item in the middle and put the shortest items at the end. For example, a tall vase surrounded by shorter candles. Or a tall photo frame surrounded by shorter trinkets/souvenirs. It's ok if the outer items aren't equal heights, as long as they somehow create a pyramid.

Invest in trays, baskets, and bowls

These little details are what will make your home look like an upscale decor store, plus it will help you stay organized. You can use your discretion on which display tool you prefer to use, but they all work perfectly for groupings of items. For example, jars and utensils in the kitchen (you can create a coffee/tea corner or group together your cooking essentials), beauty products and perfumes in the bathroom, jewelry, and accessories in the bedroom. They also help to add texture and depth to your home.

By practicing these four simple but smart tips, your home will look at interior decor magazine-worthy in no time!