5 Things You Should Buy Organic

It seems as though these days just about everything has an organic alternative. Organic apples, organic chicken, organic lotion, organic toilet seats… It's pretty impossible to keep up. The idea of adhering to an organic-only diet is widely debated these days, with many different takes on the matter. However, one thing remains clear and leaves zero room for doubt: organic products are expensive. Most of us just want to live a healthier lifestyle without digging too deep into our pockets. So while the verdict is out on toilet seats, the following products are definitely worth the splurge.


5 Things You Should Buy Organic

An apple a day keeps the doctor away - unless it's covered in pesticides and could potentially poison you. Everyone loves apples, including pesky bugs that keep farmers on their toes. For this reason, apples grown in conventional orchards are covered in pesticides. Pesticides have the potential to harm your nervous system, reproductive system, and the endocrine system. Organic apples are grown freely or with organic pesticides ‐ either way, no poison involved.


5 Things You Should Buy Organic

There aren't many single foods that offer as much nutritional value as milk does. Unfortunately, like most good things in life ‐ too much of a good thing can be harmful. The case is true for milk as studies show that excess calcium can lead to certain cancers or increase the risk of bone fractures. Cows that produce organic milk are not given antibiotics and hormones which are linked to the health factor for humans. In addition, they are fed more grass which maintains the amount of omega-3 fatty acids relative to omega-6's. The counterbalance of these fatty acids powerfully combats the aforementioned health risks.


5 Things You Should Buy Organic

Speaking of excess antibiotics and hormones that spoil cow byproducts, beef is next on our list to consider buying organic while at the grocery store. For similar reasons mentioned above, meat farmers tend to pump harmful chemicals into their animals which end up being digested by humans. Keep in mind that meat, in general, is not the healthiest food option but organic meat will be worth the extra bucks.


5 Things You Should Buy Organic

Coffee is one of the most chemically treated foods in the world. For coffee especially it is quite impossible to understand what you're consuming ‐ unless it's certified organic. This is because coffee comes from various corners of the world with different planting and roasting methods. In addition to pesticides, coffee has been found to have synthetic fertilizers, herbicides, fungicides, and insecticides. Lucky for us, organic coffee is just as delicious and definitely worth the extra spend.

Leafy Greens

5 Things You Should Buy Organic

One last item for your organic shopping spree ‐ leafy greens. With plenty of surface area for pesticides to stick, they are extremely difficult to rinse off. Leafy greens regularly don't have a layer to peel away ‐ so it's all there. It is no secret that green vegetables are necessary for a healthy, balanced diet because they consist of plenty of vitamins. Bottom line: more greens, fewer pesticides.

Lucky for us, prices of organic products are expected to decrease as more suppliers realize the added benefits and growing demand for healthier alternatives. We look forward to adding more yummy goods to our shopping list!"