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Dalgona Coffee: The Latest Caffeine Craze

Step aside, frappuccinos. There's a new aesthetically pleasing and delicious coffee treat in town. You'veYou've probably been seeing dalgona coffee all over your Instagram feed.

Better Call Saul And Breaking Bad Fans Must Know About The Real Saul Goodman

Being a part of the crowd of millions who wept at the ending of "Breaking Bad", watching those heartbreaking scenes we couldn't see coming - we had to take some time off to recover. Luckily for us, we live in a TV era that celebrates second chances and spin-offs. To that effect, we were presented with perhaps the least probable one - the tale of Saul Goodman.

Easy Nail Art Designs To Up Your Manicure Game

We're sharing some simple nail art designs for beginners that anyone can perfect with a bit of practice