Find The Right Mindset To Rock Your Day!

Would you be willing to sacrifice a few minutes of your sleep to do some morning yoga?

We know very well that it is not easy to get up slightly earlier than usual to open the mat and do some yoga exercise as soon as you wake up. Although initially, it may seem very hard, if you use a little willpower and you will practice yoga first thing in the morning, this simple gesture will greatly improve your day. You will be less stressed, you will feel more flexible, you will be less irritable and so on. These are just a few benefits of the many benefits you will experience if you take the habit of practicing yoga every morning. So, if you have not yet started doing yoga on a fresh morning, do not miss this article. You will discover why doing yoga as soon as you wake up is so good and the best yoga exercises to start your days relaxed and full of energy.

That's why doing yoga as soon as you wake up does so well

Find The Right Mindset To Rock Your Day!

Start The Day With Energy

How many times do you wake up tired and do not want to go to work? Do not worry because it happens to everyone. This fact is mainly due to the fact that the energy that circulates in the body still sleeps, even if you're awake. To awaken the body and feel more energized, just open the mat and practice some yoga exercises. The energy (prana) will begin to circulate and you will feel much more energetic than before.

Feel More Flexible

Find The Right Mindset To Rock Your Day!

Do you have that feeling of the greater flexibility that you have once you finish your yoga class? Well, if you practice yoga in the morning you will experience this wonderful feeling all day long. It's fine that as soon as you wake up you feel stiff like a piece of wood, but thanks to some position the rigidity will give way to flexibility. Stretching the muscles from the early hours of the morning allows the body and mind to wake up gently and start great. The flow of oxygen that is stimulated with stretching, in fact, not only reduces the pains of the body but allows you to get a physical pleasure that tends to last throughout the day.

Calmer And More Peaceful

Find The Right Mindset To Rock Your Day!

When relaxation ends in a lesson, how do you feel? Do you feel calm, relaxed, more serene? It's the same thing you'll experience at the end of your morning practice, but with a difference. You can bring these feelings with you throughout the day.

Greater Willpower

One of the challenges of yoga is to fight laziness, and it can be done thanks to willpower. Without a doubt, to get up early in the morning and practice some yoga, you need a good dose of willpower and you will get it with time. The first few times will certainly be heavy but within a few weeks it will become a wonderful habit and you will not be able to avoid waking up early and doing yoga in the morning.

Great For Neck & Back Pain

Find The Right Mindset To Rock Your Day!

All of us sooner or later suffer from neck or back pain or pain in the cervical area. One of the best ways to combat these ailments is undoubtedly yoga and constantly practicing every morning will help you improve the health of your entire spine. Yoga in the morning can reduce or even eliminate several backaches due to incorrect posture during sleep, to a poor quality mattress or pillow.

A Moment To Be Alone With Ourselves

Find The Right Mindset To Rock Your Day!

We are all super busy all day and hardly have a few minutes to devote to ourselves. Putting the alarm clock a few minutes before and practicing yoga at dawn is a wonderful way to carve out some time to be alone with ourselves, our thoughts and our body. You will be able to recharge and feel your body active and vibrant. It often happens that you wake up even more tired than before and the desire to get back under the covers is too much. With this sweet routine, you can start with energy and vitality!

Practicing in the morning is a good way to introduce yoga into your lives especially if work or family prevents you from following a course regularly, at the set time and on the day. It could represent a special moment of self-care totally focused on one's self. Energy, balance, well-being are just some of the benefits of practicing just getting up.

Find The Right Mindset To Rock Your Day!

Starting the day with an injection of calm, peace, trust and serenity from practice radically changes the approach to daily tasks and, perhaps, will make you go to work, school or university with a smile on your face and a relaxed positive mood.

The practice of yoga, just like any other activity done in the morning, is slightly different from what you do at the end of the day. As you have certainly noticed, if you do the asanas in the afternoon the body is slightly more flexible and will be easier. If you do the morning yoga postures when you're awake, you can easily see how the body is much stiffer. It's completely normal, basically, you did not use it all night.

Precisely for this reason, you should never push too hard as soon as you open the mat and you should avoid making too difficult positions because otherwise some pain may arise and it is not pleasant to take it for the whole day.

Find The Right Mindset To Rock Your Day!

In addition to being as delicate as possible with your body, concentrate especially on breathing, which should be long, slow and deep. Moreover, whenever the mind goes away and is attracted to external thoughts, it brings back the concentration on your breath and on your body. This simple gesture will greatly improve your practice.

Sun Salutation ‐ Surya Namaskara: the best yoga exercise to start the day

The ancient yogis have invented a perfect exercise to be practiced at dawn that you probably already know, the well-known Sun Salutation-Surya Namaskara. It is a sequence of 12 positions that are performed at the rhythm of one's breath and is incredible to awaken the body, make it flexible and boost energy.

As you could understand from this article, practicing yoga in the morning is very good. It is a small sacrifice that however has profound benefits that have repercussions both on the whole day and in the long term and in your body and your mindset too.

Find The Right Mindset To Rock Your Day!