How Those Couples Last Longer

Did you ever wonder how some couples stay together for over 50 years and won't even think about divorce? There might be days when they see other people and wonder if they made the right decision. They get upset with their partner when they have disagreements and friends might even tell them that they made a mistake when they got married. And yet, they stick together.

The spice that keeps couples together is their willingness to be creative as they find new ways every day to make their partner feel special. Cooking them their favorite meals, dancing to their favorite music, taking interest in their life. These things will keep marriages alive.

How Those Couples Last Longer

When you have faced tough times together and made it through, you will always remember how you depended on each other to survive and you will protect what you have. Without great communication, couples will never know how to keep their marriage happy. There will be no great romance and knowledge of each other's likes and dislikes. Couples need to get very good at pleasing each other in every way. This leads to a blissfully happy marriage. Disagreements are handled in a better way as you know just what to do to work out the problems and get the relationship back on track.

How Those Couples Last Longer

Without patience, tolerance, faithfulness, and kindness, marriages will fall apart. When you accept the fact that you are not perfect and your partner tolerates your imperfections you will willingly tolerate the imperfections of your partner as well.

Keep yourself interesting. Boring partners who keep on talking about the same things every day can be a drag. Make a decision to learn something new every day.

Be a happy and spontaneous person, your happiness will be attractive to your partner.

Keep the romance on high flames. Compliment each other, go on vacation somewhere romantic, schedule special dates that will make you not want to take your arms of each other.

How Those Couples Last Longer

Keep your partner guessing sometimes, adding that element of surprise can make a huge difference to relationships.

Spending a lifetime with one person at your side is not easy, but there are a lot of benefits to having a companion for life. The people in these relationships live longer as they are less likely to feel alone.

How Those Couples Last Longer

By Julie Parker

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