Spice Up Your Jeans and Sweater Combo

Spice Up Your Jeans and Sweater Combo

Jeans and a sweater seems to be everyone's go-to winter outfit. It's understandable. Sweaters keep your torso warm and cozy, and jeans are thick enough to reciprocate the feeling on your legs. It's safe, and it's smart, but after a few months of repetition, it inevitably gets a bit dull. Luckily there are always ways to breathe new life into this beloved combination until spring comes.

Spice Up Your Jeans and Sweater Combo

Get some cool boots. Let your shoes shine literally and figuratively. Go for styles in bold colors and exciting textures. Red leopard print? Blue tartan? The sky's the limit.

Spice Up Your Jeans and Sweater Combo

Add an extra over layer. When the temperature drops, add another layer. Smarten up your look with an oversized blazer, or add a light jacket like a bomber or a biker jacket. It makes your outfit feel brand new and makes you warmer. It's a win-win in every aspect.

Accessorize. It could be with traditional winter accessories like scarves and beanies, or with more unexpected elements like brooches and pins. Don't be afraid to mix your seasons by choosing lighter options like silk scarves. You don't even have to touch your clothes if you don't want to - it could be as simple as wearing bigger and bolder jewelry or adding some hair accessories.

Add an extra under layer. Wear a thin turtleneck top under your sweater for extra warmth and depth. It can be a contrasting color, or you can use it to create a tonal or monochrome look. It's a straightforward thing, but it will make your sweater look completely different. Alternately, add a preppy touch with a blouse or shirt (let the collar poke out of the neckline). This trick also applies to legwear. You can still wear your ripped jeans in the winter - keep your legs warm by layering tights underneath them (try a fun patterned pair like fishnet or French-style polka dots rather than plain solid tights).

Have fun with your coat. The weather outside might be bitter, but your outerwear doesn't have to be. An unusual jacket will make your outfit stand out a lot more. Go for something in a bright color, with a pattern (it could just check), or with a contrasting trim. Try out different textures that will complement your denim.

Switch up your knitwear. Have a good selection of knitwear - not just sweaters. Having a cardigan or two will allow you to wear other pieces like blouses and t-shirts. You can even layer summery camisoles underneath long-sleeve t-shirts.

Winter dressing may be boring for some but think of it as a style challenge. It's a time of year when you can get creative. Stay warm and stylish this winter!