What Would You Do If You Were A Billionaire

I asked this question to my social media and received 423 interesting responses. Of course, there were the usual fantasies ‐ owning the big house, expensive car, private island and traveling the world. Followed by giving money away to charities and causes, helping people, saving animals, as well as paying off debts for friends and family. But I was far more interested in the more unique responses; cool, intimate, resounding, one-of-a-kind things you could do as a Billionaire. Here are my top six responses.

1. I'd buy a bunch of tiny houses and let people live in them for free when they were down on their luck and needed to save money to get back on their feet.

What Would You Do If You Were A Billionaire

We've all been down on our luck at some point, and know the feeling of having to ask for help. This sounds like a much better way to empower people, instead of turning them into charity cases.

2. Train orphans to become superheroes.

What Would You Do If You Were A Billionaire

This was too cool to exclude! It's already a difficult task to home children with challenging stories. But what if a powerful initiative could not only transform their lives but empower them to positively impact the lives of others in their lifetime…?

3. Build a completely human-centered, eco-friendly, self-sustaining town that would become a health and wellness hub.

It would be 100% environmentally-friendly with an abundance of free healthy meals, free emotional counseling and wellness programs in every building block so we would live in a happier, healthier society.

What Would You Do If You Were A Billionaire

We don't have to look far to see how mental health problems affect our society as a whole. I wonder if there would be any space for crime in this town?

4. Develop an organization that creates jobs for the homeless to clean beaches and oceans, while teaching them how to create amazing environments.

What Would You Do If You Were A Billionaire

Not only does this help people reconnect with nature, but it gives their days a greater purpose, and provides a long-lasting change in the community.

5.Turn all my favorite books into movies with an all-star cast

What Would You Do If You Were A Billionaire

What better way to up close and personal with Brad Pitt and J-Law! Plus with all the entertainment a Billionaire can afford, you might have to consider creating your own to avoid boredom!

6. Secretly make people happy.

What Would You Do If You Were A Billionaire

Probably my favorite kind of Billionaire. The fact is a Billionaire has no limits. It's powerful to think of all the life-changing things we could do if making money was no longer our priority.

By Julie Parker

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