Zero Waste Beauty Products

Reducing your personal and household waste is one of the best things you can do to be eco-friendly. Reusable bottles, cups, and bags are all excellent starting points. If you're not sure where to go next, try your bathroom! A lot of beauty and care products that we use regularly can easily be switched to zero waste versions. Reduce your plastic consumption with by using the products below.

Soap bars.

Soap is such a common product that you probably didn't even realize it counts as zero waste. Ditch liquid and foam containers for old fashioned soap bars. Most grocery or drug store soap bars come in paper packaging, so your best bet is to head to a specialized care store like Lush or The Body Shop. These soaps do cost a little extra but they smell amazing and are better for the planet. Plus, it's a great excuse to get a pretty soap dish!

Zero Waste Beauty Products

Solid shampoo and conditioner.

Shampoo and conditioner come in bars too! It may take a little while to get used to washing your hair with something that isn't an easily dispensed liquid, but shampoo and conditioner bars will give your hair all the love it needs. Besides being more eco-friendly, shampoo bars contain a lot less chemicals than liquid hair products and are overall a lot gentler. They don't strip hair of its natural oils, so it retains more moisture and reduces the risk of scalp oiliness and dryness. Using solid shampoo and conditioner is a win-win! Again, make sure to visit specialty stores to avoid excess packaging.

Zero Waste Beauty Products

Reusable wash cloth.

If you're a wipe or a cotton person, consider getting a reusable cloth for makeup removal. You can find ones in cotton, hemp, and bamboo. Washing once a week is fine, but try to get one in a darker color to reduce the appearance of mascara stains.

Zero Waste Beauty Products

Essential oils.

These wonderful oils do much more than make a room smell nice. You can use them as moisturizers for your skin and hair, cleansers, and makeup removers. Coconut oil can be used for all three purposes! Stock up on carrier oils like almond, olive, and avocado as essential oils shouldn't be directly applied to the skin.

Zero Waste Beauty Products

Biodegradable toothbrush.

Swap your old plastic toothbrush for one in a more eco-friendly material, like bamboo! Use it like you would a regular toothbrush, except when the bristles are worn out you can throw it in the compost instead of the garbage bin.

Zero Waste Beauty Products

Going green has never smelled so good. By choosing zero waste beauty products, you'll feel amazing inside and out.

By Kevin Smith

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